29 June 2009

Living like a Queen!

Welcome to my house!

Have a look at my housewarming video:

Pantai Hill Park, as the name suggests, is a cluster of five to six maybe 15-storey high condos near the University of Malaya campus and to the South-West of KL, near hip (and expensive!) Bangsar.

What is the difference between a condo and a flat? So I have always wondered whenever I heard my Filipino aunt talking admiringly about friends who live in condos. The difference is, you've got 24hr security, parking space, a swimming pool, a small restaurant (sometimes though not in my case, with WiFi), a small grocery shop, a prayer room, gym, badminton court, tennis court, launderette and even beauty parlour. Actually, for most Europeans, this might more resemble a holiday resort than a place where you actually live!

In the UK, there's no such thing that comes to mind - then again, the British are not known for life quality and community living nor weather to swim in. For people from Vienna, Wohnpark Alterlaa could be classified as a condo.

The best part is that I get all this for RM 520 (around 104€) per MONTH!!! In the UK, you're lucky if you get a place for that amount per week that is anywhere within zones 1-4 and not falling apart yet.

So far, I've been staying alone for about three weeks and actually had the whole place to myself for the same rent. A few days ago, a shy Malay guy moved in and ever since he came viewing the flat, I haven't seen him. Hadn't he locked his door, I wouldn't even have known he's moved in (my landlady told me the date), he took the master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom. I'll be sharing the "common" bathroom (the one you see in the video) with a Chinese woman about to move into the middle room. My landlady is a young Chinese (?) woman who is a business consultant and just loves to make friends from all over the world and most of her prior tenants have been interns like me working for the same organisation. Actually, another (male) intern from the US is staying with her in her flat, just five minutes away in another building - and gets the full benefit of her three year collection of beauty magazines!

LRT is a short taxi-ride away, RM 3.50 (or 70 €-cents) and there's also two night markets nearby that I know of (great places for cheap food!) but haven't been to yet. Unfortunately, the only thing that is still missing is an easily accesible nearby internet cafe. I saw a promotion by celcom (one of Malaysia's biggest internet providers) the other day: internet without contract, you can also add more months. They make money by you paying upfront. It's not that cheap I find, I'm sure contract is much cheaper but then again, I don't want the hassle of sorting out transfer of contract, possible cancellation fees. The technical specs are very good though and it is supposed to have good coverage. Promo might have ended already but I got the guy's business card, so maybe there is sth else he can sell me! ;)

2 courageous comments!:

Aike said...

I had EXACTLY the same wardrobe in my student dorm in Tokyo.
Amazing. It's a small world after all.

Heidi said...

Haha! Yeah and that world is probably called IKEA.