13 October 2009

October Notice!

First off all, thanks to everyone (Julie!!!) who posted in the meantime!

Second, I'm not gonna make a monthly out of these notices. It's just a matter of distinguishing the notices before removing them once considered read.

It's been about a month now that I'm back in Europe and as you can guess, I was preoccupied with organising other things. Also, it is harder to blog about stuff in the UK as topics over here usually require availability of any quiet sound-proof place (and those are hard to come by in a city where trucks talk, lifts harass and where people's accent gives away so much about their social background that you can't stop yourself from listening in, no matter how trivial the topic) to go into yourself and gather your thoughts.

There are a few blog posts ready for ya to read! One I wrote when I was still in Malaysia, one when I was leaving it and now I am of course preparing the obligatory "returnee post" about what it is like being back, what sensations are different and what new things you see with the same old eyes.

I'll keep you posted!

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