05 December 2009

London swept away by The Wave!

London is swept away by a wave. A wave, as in a democratic tsunami. A wave, as in an figurative heightened sea level threating the shores of many a city, including those co-symbolic of the hegemony of capitalism exclusionary of long-term plans to climate change and to preserve the environment for future generations.
Or so I thought anyways.

The flyer was not very expressive at all, for sure. At first I was under the impression that The Wave was a form of Rhue-inspired literary activism about climate change.

However, the website was definitely more expressive, not to say to the point, very accessible and definitely conveying the peacefully demanding spirit of what was pitched as UK's biggest climate march in the run up to the Copenhagen climate summit. Organised by a cross-spectrum coalition (Oxfam, CAFOD, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, WWF, Tearfund, UNICEF UK, the World Development Movement among the biggest names), the whole thing is simple. Meet at a time on a day in a place and dress blue! Great Sunday out with the kids, or just a great time with like-minded people who will all stand up to deliver a message to Gordon Brown.

Some people even left their homes days ago to cycle or march all the way to London starting from mini-waves in other UK cities! Impressive! When I found out what it was all about, I badly wanted to go to but instead slept through the whole day (literally), catching up on some sleep and consequently missed what will be known in future history books as historic event!

Check out the official video of the Wave (many more all over the internet!):

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