09 February 2010

New tweaks on the Blog!

Hi everyone!

I am glad that some of you have gone to make a habit out of leaving traces of their visit by making a comment on the blog. It certainly has motivated me to move my blog to the next level.

It is fascinating what little changes can do to make your blog more organised, vibrant and explorable. So I made some changes to the side bar and have finally added a list of tags I've been assigning to my posts. They go back about a year or two but do not cover my initial year here in London (which is why it currently appears that I have blogged more about 'Kuala Lumpur' than 'London'). I hope to do an "inventory" and do some back-tagging sometime in the not so distant future, for the sake of consistency.

The real novelty however is the Blogroll where you can find the following fascinating fellow Bloggers:
  • aBrasilheirado is a Brazilian friend of mine creating art under the brush name of Franz Tagore. You will also find colourful miracles by his girlfriend (and my friend) Martina and together, they just hosted a successful exhibition in Austria. Commissions welcome!
  • Bibliobibuli are the effusions of a book-addicted Brit in Malaysia who apart from attending various book launches also teaches Creative Writing.
  • Chasing The Flame "Over the next two years, two high-profile media products will tell the story of the peace-maker Sergio Vieira de Mello and introduce audiences to the kind of conviction and insight that inspires movements. This site is where our movement begins."
  • Guardian - Comment is Free: Liberty Central A platform for discussing civil liberties. It's good to know there are people out there who care!
  • Ideas for Development blog This Blog aims at offering a new forum for open discussion and interaction between scholars, students, professionals of various backgrounds and the public at large. Together, they can share information, viewpoints and visions for the future with the common goal of advancing the cause of development.
  • Kak Teh's Choc-a-Bloc Blog Reflections of a Malay woman living in London. Kak Teh ("Tea Sister") used to be a journalist and is now writing a book while stirring up the blogosphere!
  • Miss Grassroot Campaigner is a SOAS Alumni with an impressive track record in high-level networking (including meeting Obama in person) and promising career in diplomacy.
  • Myanmar Asylum-Seekers & Refugees in Malaysia Very engaging blog by the Burmese Chin refugee community writing about their experience in Malaysia while waiting for resettlement by UNHCR. Lots of media.
  • Rotsblog "Vietnam's first Dutch motorbike-taxi driver. Story-teller and -collector. Scholar of religion, Japanologist, anthropologist and philosopher." Says it all, doesn't it?
  • Socially Responsible Films A really great source for smart independent movies, social commentaries and documentaries.
  • The Road to the Horizon Amazingly detailed and extensive blog, inspiring for anyone considering working in international development (and anyone else, really)!
The other day I went for a walk and while rolling over this very post, something compelled me to walk into a WHS and browse the particularly wide selection of magazines in this branch (Waterloo Station). To my amazement, I stumbled upon a chunky magazine exclusively dedicated to blogging and microblogging with loads of really useful tutorials, including designing your own "theme". Talk about serendipity! I would have bought it on the spot were it not for the equally chunky price of £12! And so I stayed and flicked through the instructions, getting more and more inspired and having multiple aha!-moments in a row. I've been wanting to develop my own theme for more than a year now, culminating in my wish to give my blog a distinctive look for while I am in KL. I researched the possibilities and various layout elements and already kinda decided on a particular look for my blog. However, unlike Wordpress, Blogger does not enable part-time geeks to make the transformation to amateur web designers. Your choice is between 16 free templates (and their colour permutations) which haven't changed ever since I signed on years ago or uploading a customised HTML file (a feature, you will agree primarily catering to advanced web designers). Despite the relatively greater attraction of Wordpress in many matters, I will try and find a way to personalise my blog here on Blogger and give it my own signature style - hopefully within the next few months.

Profile 2.0
I also upgraded my profile a bit even if I am not quite happy yet with this version either but it had to be updated.

I will keep the current links even if I currently don't update them as much. I changed some of the permanent links by replacing Channel News Asia with Malaysiakini (the multilingual Malaysian online news source) and changing the moving the dictionary from Pons to Leo.

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