10 April 2010

Annual Dating Report

Annual dating rate down to 0 points and forecasting a depression by end of second quarter. Climate could be substantially improved by financial investments in the clothing industry and the cultural sector. However, it is reportedly more prudent to put money into debt service if personal liquidity permits.

Inventory and Skills Assessment
- Relaxed fun-loving person
- Intellectual and wise, in a quirky way!
- Passionate and hardworking
- Enjoys travelling, particularly around Asia
- "exotic" look

- Takes a while until you get to know her
- Unable to identify what makes targets tick in order to set up strategy
- Careless about own exterior sometimes
- Too shy to ask out guys she really likes (Work in Progress)

Description of (probably ideal) Target
- Well-educated, witty and wise
- Sense of humour
- Some interest in the environment, must enjoy nature
- Generous and circumspect
- Must enjoy travelling and learning about foreign cultures

Proposed Recovery Strategy
- Be more assertive when approaching target
- Must not be grumpy but instead attempt to be gorgeous in the mornings
- Set mind towards greater dating awareness: switch on radar and vet every single person met on the spot. Motto: Constant Vigilance!
- Do research on success stories and use wealth of available samples for qualitative data analysis
- Invest in reconnaissance about target and use it to your advantage

Image Assessment
- Look mature: Finally wear fashion that actually reflects my personality (phase 1 - to get rid of hideous old clothes - now reaching completion)
- Advertise personality traits more
- Identify situations where you will be likely to meet target group

Progress report due three months from now.
Suggestions and networking welcome.

A few days ago, I logged into Facebook and my email account simultaneously. My Facebook inbox contained a notification that yet another friend had just "popped the question" and had uploaded pictures of his engagement moment with the more than happy fiancee while my email inbox contains a link to a friend's fresh wedding pictures (my personal favourite is the black and white one!).

I am so happy for all my friends who seem to have found the person they want to share the rest of their lives with, who have through trial and error, fear and (disappointed) hope and learning from experience themselves have become desirable candidates for life.

And yet, with a current trend of about nearly ten couples now having reached that stage in their lives, I suddenly find myself surrounded by spouses(-in spe) while still single.

7 weddings
9 other steady-going couples
2 births

... and me!

Let's just say, the thought of sarcastically re-naming this blog "Heidi J's Diary" has crossed my mind (in fact, I wouldn't mind my personal human rights person). Luckily, I know that I have more to blog about than dating and will therefore not turn this into a personal version of Cosmo (I bet a sigh of relief from some of my readers!). I don't feel comfortable even blogging about this but then I thought it is the first step in taking my own (non)behaviour seriously. Besides, I prefer to blog about social issues dear to my heart, like human rights, civil liberties and international development, rather than personal romance. But I guess perhaps I haven't embraced the latter just yet which in turn, is why I must force myself not to take down this post seven days after I will have published it, as I am currently debating to do with myself. I will not go into the details of some of my motivations but will instead pledge to work on my asking-out skills.

Oh dear, I just re-read what I have written so far. What nonsense I am babbling here!

4 courageous comments!:

tash said...

so, yo're wise, hum? ;)
you're a lovley person! but you are so quirky, you need a very very special deckel. those are rare, but they're looking for their quirky topf themselves eventually.

kat said...

it's good to write about things like that, it makes you look at yourself and you behaviour in an analytical, structured way which contributes to change! plus, let me say that I really enjoyed the style of this post :) i kept thinking, heidi - you should become a writer!

Heidi said...

:D That's so sweet guys! Yeah, I tell myself that part of the reason I haven't found my match yet is because I don't take the first person that presents itself and because I know I need a rather special individual to supplement each other! ;P

About the writing part: If anything else fails, I can always keep creative writing as a side hobby to top up my income. Looking at some of the revolting stuff in some bookshops not worth the scarce paper it is written on, I believe I might actually would go down this avenue if inspiration allows! :D

Have you been writing anything recently yourself? :)

Anonymous said...

heidi, dear
I liked your post!!
maybe first of all it´s good to look for what you want in your life inside yourself!! when you discover that, run behind!
and then you will find so many deckeln on the street, in the supermarket, on university, wherever you look at!!!

feel very hugged!!!!!!!!!!
kisses, martina