07 April 2010

News from Exile

Moving house is very exhausting. It is one of the things in life which get easier as you do it more often, but also more tiring. The other day, I packed from 6am to pretty much 3pm with only an hour coffee break. Despite my revitalising deep sleep on my first night in the charming hostel, I still felt all hangover from yesterday. I had only taken two cups of coffee and a bag of apples until at last, after a lengthy journey through TFL's utterly traveller- and disability-unfriendly public transport system (particularly shocking in big stations like Kings Cross, Leicester Square, Paddington and Victoria), I arrived at my destination at around 10pm. All settled, I left at 11pm in the big hope of something edible. But obviously, most kitchens had closed and in this small town, there is no chance of finding a 24/7 tesco express. Quite a culture shock for a Londoner! Everyone of the around three people I asked for any place that served food at that hour really tried to think and help but the deep frown usually gave away the unlikeliness of any luck. Somehow, after 20min that seemed an eternity, I managed to find a kebab place open late and although I am not a greasy spoon person, I swer a kebab rolled in freshly baked pitta bread with a bit of mint sauce and fries never tasted so good in my life!

After all the stressing out of packing, popping out for more tape and the endlessly annoying analytical process of filtering out keeps and discards, I figured to give the whole frenzy a rest and just relax watching a movie and some well-deserved sleep and take care of everything else the next day.

So this morning, I was pretty much on the go/phone from 10am to 4pm doing all kinds of errands and coordinating my move to ideally finish everything asap and move on with my life. At last, I managed to book an affordable man & van and a less affordable storage option for tomorrow afternoon. At 5pm I finally received final confirmation that it will all happen tomorrow. Haleluja!

However, the nightmare is not over without repercussions. I feel for my poor mother who is giving more than she has to help me finish my degree. And I am not sure if everything will work out until my exams. This week, I should receive a laptop my mother had bought for herself but which I have to borrow to write my essays. Luckily, my mother is rather afraid of computers and just bought this small one to practice. If it arrives by Friday, I can even get started on some online journals while the library re-close for Saturdays and Sundays. I am back on BLE (or so I was told today), at least temporarily. I will use this time to suck everything onto a USB I found by chance in the PC room. I haven't checked yet what's on it and hope there is no essay or thesis saved on it, so that I can "borrow" it. Can't afford to buy a new one just now and wish I had borrowed that pink one Nancy had found on the street somewhere. Then I also would have to feel less guilty about not returning it (for now), as I would normally do.

Am applying for an emergency loan from uni to fund my move, am however not sure if I will get it, how much and when but every little helps. I cannot believe that after a year I am sort of being dangerously swung close to the kinds of problems that made me delay my studies in the first place. It's like moving back one step, going back two but I do not subscribe to determinism and refuse to submit to a recurrence of that handicap. I hope to be able to extend some essay deadlines and perhaps move the first one or two exams to a later date, even though I hate to do that, as the distribution and sequence had been perfect!

A good thing is that my theory that my current location is much cheaper than London was confirmed. Eateries tend to charge just 10% gratuity here instead of 12.5% in London. Buses are just £1 a ride but usually you can walk anywhere interesting within 15min. Best of all, the air is fresh, the people nice, the streets clean!

More soon!

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