02 September 2010

New Blog Template - Heidiwitz 2.0!

Dear girls and boys,

It's been a while again! To your and my own benefit, I overhauled the layout of my blog and finally gave it the visual appeal it demands. "Desktop Chaos" seemed to be the template that most seemed to reflect my personality and current mood. I believe the carvings look a lot like what you might find around Southeast Asia.

The most recent comments are now given their own box and displayed right on top. The list of tags is now easier to access. I also changed the "About Me" text for it was about time!

I have had a chaotic summer that you are going to read about soon. It's the only excuse I have for not having gotten back to some of you yet!

Looking forward to any opinions about the new design!

2 courageous comments!:

Aike said...

Hi Heidi! Nice new design and "about me" text. Looks like a real, fresh new start! Coincidentally, I also changed mine.

Good luck with the job hunt and let us know if you want to come visit us, you are always welcome!

Heidi said...

Hi Aike! Glad so many people like the new layout on my blog!

Thanks a lot for inviting me! I recently saw an episode of a UK TV show where teams have to compete in challenges while travelling across arctic Norway. That reminded me that I always wanted to go on a polar expedition...! :)

Thank you also for having me in Holland! I had a great time and was happy to see you both again!