17 March 2011

Blog Update - Comments Box, Mobile Template & Sharing Function

Thanks to Blogger in Draft that lets you beta-use the latest Blogger developments before they are made available to the general public by default, there are a few new features I put in place to make this blog more user-friendly for you!

First, it is now much easier to post comments!
Following one of the most common complaints to Blogger, the developers made it possible to embed the comment box where it belongs: Under the post. Once you click on "comments" as you used to, the box will appear directly under the post, instead of in a pop-up window!

Second, my blog became smartphone-friendly!
Another overdue feature are "mobile templates". Basically, those are simple templates which load much faster, yet display all the pictures and videos. It will probably look like this:

Feedback from your experience with the template on your respective mobile handset is greatly appreciated!

Third, social bookmarking will soon be enabled to share this blog online:
Instead of just inserting the usual Share This button, I found some great icon sets online and will work on the customised code soon.

Fourth, I now have a QR Tag for sharing the blog on the phone.
There are some more ideas I have for that tag but I'll let you know later.
Try it out!  Choose the "barcode" function in your phone menu (at least that's how it's called on Nokia headsets) and scan the image below:

Fifth, I will enable mobile blogging.
As I will soon travel to Asia again to do another internship (more on that at a later point), it is likely I will spend ages stuck in traffic jams again. Also useful to keep cab drivers' chattiness at bay. You might think this sounds rude but if you mainly rely on taxis for transport and are the elephant in the room (young foreign working woman with the all-desired fair complexion, perhaps single?), you quickly get tired of answering the same questions over and over again early in the morning. Especially, if you prefer to catch another hour or so of sleep or if you want to mentally organise your day.

Behind the scenes
I now enjoy a much better yet perhaps slightly improvable drafting box. It is also much easier to insert, drag and drop pictures around the text which before was more or less impossible to change after the upload dialog box or alternatively required some inconvenient html coding.

Generally, I am very pleased with the new features Blogger offers. One commonly reported bug I would like to see fixed though, is the language of the spell-checker. Since I am currently blogging from Austria, Blogger spell-checks in German even if my Blogger language settings are set to English and my browser is installed in English. The only thing that is German is my OS but there is nothing I can change about that unless I do a system restore. Any ideas?

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