10 April 2011

'Burqa ban' in France: housewife vows to face jail rather than submit

Muslim woman says that she will not accept pressure from mosques or state over 'burqa ban' that begins on 11 April.

The Observer 10 April 2011.
[...] Drider says it is only since Sarkozy's government began discussing the veil ban that she has been subject to insults, harassment and death threats. "When President Sarkozy said: 'The burqa is not welcome in France', the president, my president, opened the door for racism, aggression and attacks on Islam. This is an attempt to stigmatise Islam and it has created enormous racism and Islamophobia that wasn't there before."

[...] "For me this is women's liberty, the liberty to wear what I wish and not be punished for it."

[...] "If women want to walk around half-naked I don't object to them doing so. If they want to wear tight jeans where you can see their underwear or walk around with their breasts hanging out, I don't give a damn. But if they are allowed to do that, why should I not be allowed to cover up?"

There's some food for thought.
She's been visited by a lot of large media outlets from around the world. It's going to be an interesting week.

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