30 April 2011

Google Friend Connect allows you to follow my blog now!

I have just embedded GFC and now you can finally follow my blog with Google or Yahoo!

Uusually it is possible to 'Follow' a blog from a link in the NavBar but since none of the default NavBars fitted with my customised template, I removed the NavBar.

If you already have a Google or Yahoo account, adding my blog to your profile should be easy. If however, you would like a vibrant instruction with screenshots from fellow blogger Chick That Bytes, excerpt here:

Friends, we have a problem.  You find a terrific blog, and excitedly press on the "Follow" button, only to be taken into a deep dark hole -- the unknown of the Cyber Underworld.  Quickly, you close the page, your heart beating wildly as you sink back in your chair and think, "Phew!  That was close!"  You are glad you obeyed your instinct and that your computer did not blow up in the process.  You pursue it no further.
Friends, THESE THINGS MUST NOT BE!!!  Your friend writes a blog because your friend wants YOU to follow it.  When their friend follows their blog, other people will see their blog and more traffic will be sent to their blog, which is what your friend wants and needs.  That is how your technically advanced friend finds their way into Cyberspace.  Your friend NEEDS YOU.
Here is your remedy for this, and please understand that there ARE a few steps that you much take on your own, but DO NOT BE AFRAID!!!
(From "How to follow a friend's blog for dummies")

For any concerns about privacy have a look at the GFC FAQs.


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