03 May 2012

Visualise: 10 Amazing Infographics

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is certainly true for infographics which present facts, figures, proportions, distributions and linkages in a visually appealing way and have been popping up all over the internet and newspapers. A well-designed infographic can summarise an entire article and has the advantages of...
  • ... catching the attention of the speed-browsing eye,
  • ... delivering information in a way that makes it easier to understand for the busy or less educated person and that is
  • ... easier for the brain to retain.
I have wanted to post about infographics ever since the Afghanistan war strategy made big headlines in UK dailies in April 2010 (see #5), so without further ado I give you ten of the most intriguing infographics. As usual, click to enlarge:

#1 Why infographics?

#2 The biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution

I am pretty sure it was meant to be shared (given that it presents stunning figures about social media) but since the image has All Rights Reserved, I can legally only link to it.

#3 The complex world of human relationships and non-monogamy

This was actually shared by one of the students among the Gender in Anthropology class at SOAS.

#4 Left vs. Right in the United States

#5 US strategy for the war in Afghanistan

When presented with the graph in a slideshow, General Stanley McChrystal, the US and NATO force commander supposedly remarked, "When we understand that slide, we'll have won the war".

The amusement and even serious concern about facts vs. illusion (see above article) was echoed with a public debate about whether or not slideshows in general really are always as effective and useful in conveying information. Having attended a public lecture by Khalid Koser who visited his former employer SOAS on a short trip from Geneva and demonstratively showed how perfected oratory and presentation skills can make 60 minutes fly by even without a projector, I do agree that measure is key.

#6 Eleven days that shaped 2011

As voted on this site.

#7 The 21st century challenges surrounding water

By Suez Environnement which according to its Wikipedia article, is a French utility company which declares an interest in sustainable development.

#8 Human trafficking statistics

From We Are Chapter One (larger image available on their blog) and posted on Stop the Traffik's blog.

#9 The global arms trade

Sadly a less 'sexy' development topic for most development studies students (and probably a more central issue in war studies or security studies), the impact of the global arms trade on conflicts and power-relations is often over-looked.

#10 The rise of the slacktivist

Fascinating times for the social activist!

Please note that I did not verify any of the information shown in any of the images above and can therefore not guarantee their accuracy.

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