07 September 2012

A Viennese Summer

I have a job! A real full-time job! Contrary to what most of you might have been expecting, it is in business, not in non-profit.

At first, I wanted to wait before I shared the news. Too fresh the scars of existential insecurity. Too much to lose over a blog post misunderstood. Too vivid the memory of life without a job. Too much to reveal.

I had learned my lesson: Silence is golden.

This is as much as I dare to say about my job: I have a decent amount of responsibility, a multicultural team of expats that are like family to each other and I get to speak English on a daily basis.

Vienna looks a lot rosier now!

I have therefore decided to blog more about the city itself and snap some pictures as long as the days are still long. Hopefully, these posts will inspire more of my friends to come and visit, like Aike and Nhung did a few weeks ago. It was such a pleasure to have you guys here. May we see each other again soon - somewhere!

2 courageous comments!:

Stacia said...

Heidi! This is Stacia from SOAS, do you remember me? I know this is not the best mode of communication but I have no idea how to contact you otherwise (closed my facebook account) - do you have an email or some way I could get in touch? I hope you are doing well, sounds like good news about the job!

And on the subject of silence, show some respect for your Homeboy Wittgenstein and use the quote, "Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muß man schweigen".

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